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Cool Foil Soffit Insulation Wholesale Distributors

What is Soffit Insulation?
The word 'soffit' refers to the underside of any construction element, including the underside of arches, ceilings, chimneys and roof eaves.

Attics and roofs obviously provide shelter from the rain, and in some cases they may be used for extra storage. One of the most important things you can do to care for your home is to add soffit insulation to the eaves of your roof. This can assist with lowering power bills.

The Special Cool Foil Design

Cool Foil is a distributor of specially designed soffit insulation to ensure proper airflow, to avoid overheating problems in summer and condensation during winter.

Cool Foil soffit insulation can be attached with screws or nails to the rafters of your home.

Our soffit insulation is designed to be used with baffles to prevent insulation from blocking the eaves vents, and in doing so, ensures proper air circulation via a continuous, unobstructed pathway into the roof cavity.

All our insulation panels are durable and economical, and designed meticulously for longevity, to protect you from the top extreme Australian weather conditions.

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