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COOL FOIL Rigid Panel Insulation for Walls, Ceilings and Floors.

Cool Foil insulation panels are a highly effective range of thermal insulator panels that are durable, economical and have been specifically designed to protect Australian residential homes and commercial buildings from the extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations commonly experienced throughout Australia.

Every Cool Foil panel is produced from the most technological advanced materials available and is manufactured to exacting standards to ensure dependable performance and longevity.

Eco and HD panels are made from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) beads that have been bonded together under extreme heat and pressure to form a rigid, lightweight and water resistant material that is resistant to the conduction of thermal energy. An additional commercial grade reflective foil is adhered to each panel using the latest technology. This enhances it’s overall insulation characteristics that makes it ideally suited to Australian weather conditions and contemporary construction methods.